Stat programming workshop – week 1 tasks

April 2013 update: this post and the following 5 “stat programming” posts were designed to get beginning R programmers up and running with some simple data analyses. They were originally private for a specific course in Summer 2012, but they’re now public in case the tips might be useful for a broader audience. -Brian

This week’s tasks are intended to get you up and running with the statistical programming language R. We are not meeting on Thursday this week, but you are welcome to post blog comments below and/or come to office hours on Friday.
– Brian

  1. Install R on your favorite computer. Detailed instructions can be found at the top of the R home page at
  2. Start R.
  3. Find two R tutorials on the web. Hint: a good one is on the official R site.
  4. Find online help for the read.table command. Don’t worry about what the command does, just practice looking up help for R commands. Hint: use Google.
  5. Figure out how to open help files in the R program itself. Hint: type help(read.table) in R to see the documentation for the read.table command.
  6. Bonus: load the built-in iris data set.
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